Splicing instructions

Double braided splice loop

12/16 strands splice loop

1. Mark an "X" in the core.

Extract the core pulling from the cover through the point X.

2. At position B the cover is inserted into the core and vice versa, at position C the cover is extracted through the core.

3. From position B to D the core is inside the cover, until it is extracted through position A.

4. Position B is run along it coincides with position A. The loop is finished.

1. We introduce one of the ends of the halyard through the points A B C D respecting a distance of 4 to 6 stages between these points.
The recommended distance between points D-E is 50 times the nominal diameter.

2. Equal the extrems of the halyard to reach the desired loop. With a small cord and a needle make a few sews to tie the halyard to avoid the movement of the loop.

3. The loop is finished.

Eye splice for 3 strands rope

Eye splice for 8 strands rope

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