Useful tips

Useful tips - Maintenance and preservation of synthetic fibre ropes:

  • With your safety in mind, we advise you to check the rope prior to use to ensure there aren’t any defects or broken threads.

  • Avoid tying knots in the ropes as this considerably reduces resistance.

  • Ensure the rope does not come into contact with sharp edged items, or chemical or abrasive products, given that the mechanical properties of the rope may be impaired.

  • Avoid subjecting the ropes to excessive friction, and do not drag them across sharp edges.

  • To help to conserve the fibre integrity, the rope guides should be smooth and even, with possible friction points protected.

  • Whilst in use, check that the rope doesn’t form loops given that this reduces resistance and can lead to the formation of kinks.

  • The ropes should be stored in a location away from the effects of the weather.

Folch Ropes - Safety indications:

  • The indicated breaking loads are for new products. Breaking loads are affected by use and exposure to the elements.

  • We recommend the safety factor to be 4-5 times below the breaking load, and for tasks with potential risks to humans, a safety ratio of 10 is recommended.

  • There is always a risk when ropes are under strain. Ensure people remain clear of the rope to avoid injuries.

  • For safety reasons, we advise against using ropes that have previously broken due to overloading.

  • Do not use if excessive stretching, hardening, a reduction in diameter, or elasticity under load is observed.

  • If applicable, check the ends of ropes are securely fastened.

  • If you are unsure whether or not a rope is in perfect usable condition, please feel free to contact us. A simple break test will determine the correct condition of the rope.

FOLCH is not responsible for the inappropriate use of their products, or any possible consequences derived from said use.

Look after your ropes…Both your life and the lives of others may depend on them!

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