What does it mean to trust Folch Ropes?
Acquiring a Folch Ropes rope means, first of all, acquiring a product made on the basis of current regulations and European guidelines.

It also means acquiring an article whose manufacturing process has been controlled and monitored at all times, subjecting it to different quality controls in all its phases.

Furthermore, a Folch Ropes rope is always an article made with maximum transparency and with the most modern and resistant materials, supplied by a group of highly trusted suppliers. These materials, moreover, have been stored in spaces prepared to guarantee the best conditions of conservation until the moment of their use in the factory.

In this sense, we highlight the resistance, elongation and deformation studies that we carry out in our laboratory using a dynamometer and a test bench with the capacity to measure loads of up to 200 Tn. Our test bench is also available to other companies that do not have similar facilities and wish to test load belts, slings, chains, steel cables, etc.

Along with this, at Folch Ropes we are restless: for this reason, we have an R&D department, dedicated to research and development of new products to satisfy the new demands of increasingly specialized customers and markets.

For all these reasons, at Folch Ropes we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the best quality certificates for our products.

Contact us and we will talk: info@folchsa.com