Folch Ropes also offers residual strength testing, finishing and inspection services.

Residual resistance tests

They are used to check the technical characteristics and the state of conservation of the ropes, whether they are ours or those of third parties.

Tests are carried out on our test bench, with capacity for tests of up to 200Tn of force. Our bench is available for companies that do not have similar facilities and wish to test load belts, slings, chains, steel cables, etc.


Our ropes can be supplied with different types of finishing depending on the use that is going to be given and our costumer needs.

In that way, at Folch Ropes we manufacture products with different finishes at the customer's choice:

  • Heat-set treatment: it is a process that is applied to the entire rope and that reinforces the union of the fibers so that they work in unison.
  • Coating: it is another process whose objective is to increase resistance to friction.
  • Spliced eyes: can be supplied with metallic accessories fixed to the ropes or without. Both protected, by choice, with polyester or leather protection.
  • Loops: these are circle-shaped joints.
  • Other finishes, such as shackles and thimbles.



In addition to resistance tests, at Folch Ropes we offer the possibility of requesting certificates from different classification entities such as DNV or Bureau Veritas.